waterproof binoculars / autofocus / 7x50
Commander LRF



  • Specifications:

    waterproof, autofocus

  • Magnification x diameter:



No product epitomises the legendary STEINER value for innovation and tradition better than the new Commander 7x50 LRF. These binoculars combine the high definition optics of the proven Commander Series with innovative laser rangefinding technology for determining position, distance control to navigational targets and other important landmarks. The blend of functionality, ruggedness, precision and comfort define a new top class for the Commander 7x50 LRF.

Determine distance precisely – on the water, this is often no easy task. The water's surface is never stable enough, the air is too misty and vessels are too unpredictable in course and speed. All too often, estimates are way off the mark. If you really want to know the exact distance to landmarks, other vessels or harbour piers, the Steiner Commander 7x50 LRF now offers a new function. The letter LRF stand for "Laser Range Finder" and offer a measuring range up to 1700 metres combined with the rugged 7x50 Steiner Porro binoculars.

The touch of a button lets you measure the exact distance to a targeted object in the binocular view.