wave windsurf board / freestyle

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wave windsurf board / freestyle wave windsurf board / freestyle - FLARE


  • Intended use:

    wave, freestyle

  • Volume:

    87 l, 93 l, 103 l, 113 l (23 gal)


Our dedicated freestyle board for powerful pop and radical maneuvers.
Designed by an all-star team: Sarah-Quita Offringa, Taty Frans, Dieter Van Der Eyken and Remi Vila.

As a range, the Flares introduced the super-thick tail concept to help keeping floatation and speed trough tricks. The short nose reduces swing weight for faster rotations. The Flare – the ultimate freestyle board for progressive and radical riders. The 93 is quite compact at 223cm and 63cm wide with the 103 and 113 scaling up from there. The new 87 is dedicated for lightweight riders and kids. The short length helps rotations as you have less deadweight in the nose, perfect for multiple-rotation tricks. First designed as a shrunken-down Flare for kids, but it turned out to offer great performance for our team in high-winds too.