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maintenance management software / for ships maintenance management software / for ships


  • Type:

    maintenance management

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    for ships


AMOS Maintenance & Procurement

AMOS Maintenance & Procurement (AMOS M&P) provides fleet wide control of your Maintenance, Inventory and Procurement processes; minimising the risk of downtime while maintaining tight control over your budgets.

By collecting and archiving statistical data AMOS M&P helps you to identify areas for improvement, resulting in optimised performance and a decrease in total costs.


Track equipment performance, availability and reliability to optimise your maintenance strategy.

Standardise maintenance procedures.
Schedule maintenance by calendar.
Implement preventative maintenance.
Manage failures and collect reliability data as per ISO 14224.
Leverage safety by integrating QMS documentation and risk management processes.
Report work done and record measurements.
Transfer assets from one ship to another, retaining the maintenance history on both the donating and recipient vessel.
Plan Vessel dry-docks and refits.