long-sleeve neoprene top / unisex

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long-sleeve neoprene top long-sleeve neoprene top - D112018T00


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4-5 mm Neoprene sweater for harsh weather conditions and cold seas. The sweater maintains body temperature thanks to the special external water- and wind-proofing treatment. Invisible seams taped on the inside to minimize leakage. Quick-drying fleece. After meticulous research into materials, fabrics and assembly techniques, the garment is tested by those who will actually wear it. The feedback of Olympic athletes is paramount: warm, technical and aerodynamic.

A fabric gives UV PROTECTION when its degree of protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays is greater than 30 UPF. This UV protection is achieved thanks to the special construction of the fabric or the use of super-matte microfibers with a titanium-based UV filter incorporated in the yarn .

A product that dries very quickly thanks to the fabric and design.

Highly strechtable fabrics to ensure confortability and follow your every move.

Waterproofing is the technique that makes a fabric water and wind resistant. These properties can be achieved by treating with water-repelling substances or through the use of a mechanically-activated hydrophic/microporous membrane. Waterproofing is expressed in millimeters, which represent the water column height the fabric can withstand before liquid penetrates.