TV antenna / satellite / Ku-band / broadband



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    TV, satellite, Ku-band, broadband, Ka-band

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    for boats

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BroadBand Intelligence Gathering
30 cm Ku/Ka satellite antenna

Leader in combining multiple bands onto a single radiant system, SKYTECH proudly presents BBIG30, an extremely light, compact and efficient aeronautical U-Sat antenna system which is capable to simultaneously operate on Ku and Ka extended bands.

BBIG30, the smallest of BBIG antenna series and soon to be joined by BBIG45, ensures unmatched connectivity performances in relation to its size, due to its RF efficiency and tracking accuracy.

BBIG30 is specifically designed to fit existing aeronautical mountings like airplane upper tail stabilizer, fuselage top or drone nose.

Extremely light and robust carbon fiber composite frame and dish
Highly engineered mechanics by extensive use of titanium and aeronautical aluminum alloys
First and only 12-inches aviation antenna with three-axis stabilization, ensuring superior tracking capability even in highly dynamic maneuvers on flight
Capable of operating in Ku-band only, Ka-band only, combined Ku-Ka band or even contemporary
Configurable as TVRO TVsat Ku-band, while maintaining the operation U-Sat Ka-band
Extreme compactness of the whole RF package, consisting of a peculiar type coaxial concentric feed coupled with a double Ku-Ka OMT, designed and optimized to fit BBIG30 reflector and its 3-axis gimbal