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ship supercapacitor

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ship supercapacitor ship supercapacitor - SkelGrid


  • Application domain:

    for ships


Marine & offshore applications for ultracapacitor energy storage

The maritime industry is already the most efficient form of transportation in terms of shipping goods and conveying passengers. New regulations are in place, however, to further reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for marine vessels.
The answer is electrification and hybridization of propulsion systems. Hybrid ships and boats have a conventional (typically diesel) fossil fuel engine and an electric motor, but when the electric motor is in use, no diesel is burned nor greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere.

There are a number of applications on vessels where ultracapacitors can offer significant advantages:

Peak load shaving
Active heave compensation
Generator gradient control
Backup power bridging
Electrical winches
Cranes & hoists
Dynamic positioning
System-level efficiency enhancement
The benefits of energy storage in marine applications are clear:

Decrease in maintenance and operating costs of generators
Decreased fuel consumption and emissions
Increased efficiency
Higher operation flexibility
Improved redundancy
Improved safety

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