aquaculture egg sorting machine / fish farming



  • Breeding type:

    for aquaculture

  • Capacity:

    40 p/h


Fish egg sorting

To sort out the fish eggs that is either not fertilized or where the fish foster has not developed as it should, has previously been a manual task. With Skala Maskon's fish egg sorter this can be done with a speed up to 40 eggs pr. second and more accurately than manually.

Increased accuracy and better quality!
The machine takes a two pictures of each fish egg, and a computer then evaluates the quality of the fish egg grain based on several criterias. The sorting is more accurate than what is possible with manual methods. This implies higher quality of the pre-sorted fish eggs and the amount of damaged fish fry reduced. Thus, the risk of disease in production can be reduced. The product will be "ready to market" faster and expensive working hours for manual sorting are gone. With over 50 machines in the market, we have very good experience with quality of the machine.

Detailed reporting
Because the fish egg sorting machine is based on data analysis, it becomes easy to extract statistics and reports such as the number of fish eggs by quality and size etc.

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