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The Tricera is the light-weight surf style sail, optimized for maximum freedom and maneuverability, it’s the closest you can get to surfing with a sail in your hands. The Tricera features the most precise control levels for the steepest and most critical sections of the wave, while the low aspect profile provides unlimited angles to draw on the wave face. This is the sail to fully express yourself in any angle of wind. Tricera is best suited for the advanced wave sailor who wants to push their wave riding to the next level. In light-wind and large swell nothing beats the Tricera. The 2019 Tricera is quicker to depower thanks to a narrower mast sleeve below batten #2 to #3 and less shaping in the dacron luff panel. As with the other wavesails we have refined the luff curve to generate more energy from the mast, making your rigg feel more alive.