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private submarine / tourism
Spider ADS

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private submarine private submarine - Spider ADS


  • Type:

    private, tourism

  • Maximum depth:

    300 m (984'03")


These versatile deep diving suits (or one-man submarines) are an advanced design, one-man ADS (Atmospheric Diving Suit).. The suits are lightweight (600kg), and can be rapidly mobilized to any offshore dive site, to complete a wide range of underwater observation and manipulative tasks. Operating Depth to 1000ft (300m) with no decompression, as these suits are completely dry and at one atmosphere pressure at all times. Crew: one. Weight: 1 ton. Large domed viewport, two articulating arms, external lights, continuous video and communications with the surface. Ideal for underwater observation and inspection tasks. Also an exciting one-man submersible for operations off your super yacht, or for adventure dives at your tourist resort.

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