lateral thruster joystick / for boats



  • Applications:

    for lateral thrusters

  • Application domain:

    for boats


PJC221 Control panel with S-link™ CAN-bus connection
Product features

For proportional thruster control with DC, AC and Hydraulic Thrusters
Finger tip control speed control with purpose designed joysticks
Hold-function for easy docking, runs thrusters at selected power
Back-lit LCD display with instant feedback
System status / alarms
Amount of thrust & direction of thrust
Interactive multi-language menus
CAN-Bus communication with thrusters and accessories
Plug & play cables with compact connectors
Diagnostics and system setup via panel
Built-in audible alarm "buzzer"
Connector for external "buzzer"/loud audible alarms
Supports Side-Power retractable thrusters with or without Speed Control