tugboat fender / D-shape

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tugboat fender / D-shape tugboat fender / D-shape


  • Application domain:

    for tugboats

  • Configuration:



Often uses as side beltings to protect the ship during escort activities and when coming alongside. Extruded fenders
are available in many other sections and can be cut to length, drilled or pre-curved as requested by customer.

The standard colour is black, non marking Navy grey available upon request
Cross-section from 100 mm x 100 mm up to 500 mm x 500 mm and lenght up to 22.000 mm
Pre-curved available upon request

Komposite Fenders.
Komposite Fenders are resilient rubber fenders with a vulcanized UHMW-PE front facing plate. They can be installed as side fenders and also push knees.


Low friction
Supplied cut and drilled for easy and quick installation

Tug Boats
Work & supply boats
Other applications & structures like pile and lock gate protection

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