oceanographic survey autonomous surface vehicle



  • Applications:

    for oceanographic surveys


D.A.S. Boat can be operated manually using a hand controller, or autonomously follow routes created in its control software “DiveLog”. While in Autonomous mode, data and position information is sent wirelessly to a shore station allowing operators to monitor the vessels progress, send updated waypoints and routes or take manual control of the craft. Once the vessel reaches its endpoint it will automatically go into station keeping mode and wait for the operator to enter a new waypoint, route or to take over manual control. The D.A.S. Boat system can be used on any size unmanned surface vessel. DiveLog can also output a standard autopilot data string for used on manned vessels. Data collected by D.A.S. Boat can be viewed real-time in DiveLog and exported for processing in programs such as Shark Marine’s Sediment Accumulation Monitor (S.A.M.) Software, Hypack, Caris, or Fledermaus.