diver personal locator beacon (PLB) / GPS

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diver personal locator beacon (PLB) diver personal locator beacon (PLB) - ENOS®


  • Application domain:

    for divers

  • Function:



A nightmare for every diver: Surfacing — and the boat is missing!
One is surfacing — and alone, the boat is away!

Did they forget me?

Or did currents sweep me away?

Worldwide a lot of divers going lost because they were not visible after surfacing ...
"Godd luck" for all who became found after a long, nerve-racking drift.

Better to book a boat with . ENOS onboard! .
The ENOS-System provides a speedy rescue – reliable and successful – since 2005, worldwide!

ENOS-Divers don’t have to wait long when they are swept away by currents! ENOS-Divers don’t drift helpless on the surface … anxious … if they become rescued or not ...
Instead of that they inform their crew within seconds to initiate a prompt rescue.
Just a short time later they are safely back on board – even when the boat is far away and not visible!

The daily routine on ENOS-Boats was never interrupted or changed because of missed divers!
ENOS-Crews don’t search for missed divers. They precisely know where the divers are drifting and pick them up!