hyperbaric chamber

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hyperbaric chamber hyperbaric chamber


Safeguard of Venice The latest recognition of our capabilities comes from the innovative new project to protect Venice, known as MOSE (an acronym for MOdulo Sperimentale Elettromeccanico, meaning Experimental Electromechanical Module).

Hyperbaric chambers and emergency exits
Hydraulic Watertight Systems

We have been entrusted with the compartmentalization, control system and deep seabed hydraulic gate, and are now designing special sectional hyperbaric chambers.

Our hyperbaric chambers use a revolutionary sectional design and feature pressurizing and balancing systems that enable maintenance operations to be performed on the barrier system underwater. This innovative new project sees us working closely with Drafinsub, a leader in construction to API standard 1104 and the laying of underwater piping, confirming SeaNet 's ability to act as partner of choice for other world leaders in their fields.

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