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outboard inflatable boat / rigid / center console / with jockey console
Pro OceanT



  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck layout:

    center console, with jockey console

  • Intended use:

    for fishing

  • Number of places:

    18-person max., 15-person max.

  • Deck features:

    aluminum floor

  • Length:

    16'06" , 17'06" , 20'00" (5.03 m)


Seamax Pro OceanT Hypalon Commercial Grade Inflatable Boat, with Heavy Duty Alumium Floor (Boat Only)
OCEAN 500T Hypalon (ORCA) - Boat Only
Length 16.5Ft, Beam 7.2Ft, Dry Weight 450Lbs
Max 15 passengers and 50HP rated

OCEAN 530T Hypalon (ORCA) - Boat Only
Length 17.5Ft, Beam 7.2Ft, Dry Weight 500Lbs
Max 15 passengers and 50HP rated

OCEAN 600T Hypalon (ORCA) - Boat Only
Length 19.5Ft, Beam 7.2Ft, Dry Weight 580Lbs
Max 18 passengers and 60HP rated

5 pontoon chambers and 1 keel chamber, Chambers with 4 layers overlapped seam, max pressure 3.6PSI (25kPa); Aluminum floor & reinforced V bottom; Long shaft 21”/ 82°, reinforced transom.

Non-skid sectional heavy duty aluminum floor system with side joiners, Fuel tank and battery box tie down fitting on the floor, Dual motor pads and heavy duty pontoon towing rings; Transom to pontoon adapter fully reinforced, marine sealant is applied which resists leakage. Multiple D-ring kits installed on the inside of the pontoons, 3 x front towing rings with tow line; Full size towing rings on transom, 6 x heavy duty handles, Oar lock set installed, 3 position seat receiver.