hull inspection underwater ROV



  • Type:

    for hull inspection

  • Depth:

    300 m (984'03")


Key Features:​Increased stability in demanding conditions - The LBC's unique vortex generator enables it to adhere strongly to the surface being inspected in currents up to 5 knots. Even in such difficult conditions, the LBC provides a stable sensor platform for high quality data acquisition. Don't be fooled by imitations!Simplistic operation for all operators - Attachment to a ship hull is incredibly simple and mastered by many in a few minutes. The dual vertical thruster configuration allows for the operator to roll the LBC and attach to the ship hull. The LBC then provides video/sensor feedback in a normal attitude further simplifying operation.Ultimate in versatility - The LBC is comprised of the Crawler Skid Attachment (CSA) and the LBV300-5 system. Operators have a fully functional MiniROV system found in the LBV300-5 and the ability to add the CSA when required in only minutes. No other system offers the versatility and capability.Four wheel drive - Once the LBC is attached to a ship hull it uses a four wheel drive system rather than thrusters. This method increases the operating capability with incredibly amounts of torque. Four wheel drive ensures traction and straight line tracking during inspections.