sailing catamaran / ocean cruising / open transom / center cockpit



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:

    ocean cruising

  • Deck layout:

    open transom, center cockpit

  • Materials:

    aluminum, carbon

  • Below-deck configuration:

    5-cabin, 6-cabin

  • Appendages:

    twin keels

  • Other characteristics:

    hybrid diesel-electric propulsion

  • Length:

    25.3 m (83'00")


Sea voyager team has also ensured that nothing miss to your day life. Our main concern was to allow you to navigate all along the year, in the same comfort you can expect in your principal residence. Its thus we paid particular attention to the development of the Owner cabin. Your personal office is adjusted in a way to benefit from the latest technologies in order to offer the possibility to switch off your business life or give you full opportunity to manage your business, wherever you are in the world.