boat primer / multi-use
Black Barrier Coat



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    for boats

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Provides heavy-duty protection for exposures in marine (ship hulls, tanks, pilings, etc.) petroleum, (refinery tanks, piping, offshore structures, etc.) water and water treatment. Black Barrier Coat meets or exceeds all requirements of the Corp. of Engineers Specification C-200, Government Specification MIL-P 23236 and Steel Structures Paint System SSPC Paint 16-68T.

Although Black Barrier Coat exhibits self-priming characteristics, it functions well over compatible primers such as epoxy-based inhibitive products: Sea Hawk S-78 and Sea Hawk S-76 Primer. When applied in one or two coats at a minimum of 16 mils dry, it exhibits excellent resistance when immersed in, or subject to the following environments: Fresh water, seawater, calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium carbonate, 20% sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate, aliphatic hydrocarbons, acid solutions or alcohols.