spearfishing fins / rubber / in plastic



  • Intended use:


  • Material:

    rubber, in plastic


Scorpena RedLine fins are selected specially for beginners. Medium-length blade allows spearfisher to swim and dive without extra effort. Footpockets are made of soft material which does not overload the foot.

The blade has a small angle to unload the foot during a long swims. The fins are made of a two different types of material: the flexible sections of the blade are integrated into the resilient segments. This combination creates a flexible central zone that stretches, increasing the surface of the blade and providing support for powerful kicks.

During a relaxed swimming, the blade of the fin is folded, reducing the load. The same does special openings in the blades.

The rigid edges of the fins hold the shape of the blade and the water remains inside the blade during the kick, which also makes it possible to swim with less effort.