professional vessel engine / inboard / propulsion / diesel
DI13 087M



  • Market:

    professional vessel

  • Type:

    inboard, propulsion

  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    direct fuel injection, turbocharged

  • Power:

    650 ch, 700 ch, 751 ch, 800 ch (650 hp)


The marine engines from Scania are based on a robust design with a strength optimised cylinder block containing wet cylinder liners that can easily be exchanged.
Individual cylinder heads with 4 valves per cylinder promotes repairability and fuel economy.
The engine is equipped with a Scania developed Engine Management System, EMS, in order to ensure the control of all aspects related to engine performance.
The injection system is Scania’s XPI (Extra High Pressure Injection), a common rail system that gives low exhaust emissions with good fuel economy and a high torque.
The engine can be equipped with many accessories such as air cleaners, PTOs, transmissions
and type approved instrumentation in order to suit a variety of installations

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