professional vessel engine / auxiliary / diesel / turbocharged
DI16 074M



  • Market:

    professional vessel

  • Type:


  • Power source:


  • Technology:

    turbocharged, direct fuel injection

  • Power:

    Max.: 596 kW (810.3 hp)

    Min.: 430 kW (584.6 hp)


Power and reliability. Outstanding fuel economy. The Scania marine engines for auxiliary applications are perfectly adapted for their task. And the new Scania engine range makes no exception from the rule.

Designed from the toughest demands, our new marine engine range continues the Scania tradition of uptime and operating economy. It is developed from our very latest engine technology, which has already proven its worth in demanding applications like power generation, construction and long-haulage trucks. Compact dimensions simplifies fitting and installation.

Handling both step-load and fuel economy
The new engines feature distinct and powerful handling of step-load situations, yet with short recovery times. High load variations are handled effectively, and despite the high power output throughout the engine range, you can count on outstanding fuel economy and excellent emission control.

Designed to deliver uptime and productivity
Scanias modular product system with common components for all engine sizes, allows higher parts availability and easy servicing for a single technician. Together with long service intervals and proven reliability, this means high uptime and low maintenance costs. A perfect formula for generating power and long-term, profitable business.