monohull / fast cruising / cruising-racing / open transom



  • Number of hulls:


  • Intended use:

    fast cruising, cruising-racing

  • Deck layout:

    open transom

  • Materials:


  • Below-deck configuration:

    1-cabin, twin-berth

  • Appendages:

    lifting keel

  • Rigging:

    carbon mast

  • Other characteristics:

    transportable, unsinkable

  • Length:

    7 m (22'11")



Due to the construction method and the use of the new generation of materials ( laminated hull in carbon fiber ) , we got the lightest boat in its class , with just over 850 kg


Why sail at 5 knots if you can do it at 10?
The large sail area in relation to the extremely light hull give the S7 a performance comparable to that a racing boat.The rotating carbon mast, the aluminium keel with a lead bulb and the innovative hull design allow early planning, without losing upwind performance.
Competitors might dream of these characteristics, but few achieve them.
The Sarch S7 is one of the few B Category trailerable sailboats, for deep-sea navigation.


All in all, a range of solutions which make sailing fun. In the SARCH S7 we have rethought all of the systems to achieve spacious and comfortable interior (with a functional kitchen and separate WC and these cabins) and a clear deck and easy handling.
The S7 has great stability , much higher than similar lengths boats that make navigation more comfortable and safer.


Sail wherever you want. As well as saving the costs of mooring the boat during the winter, this allows you to start out on trips without wasting time, you couldn’t do this with a larger boat.