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dive undersuit dive undersuit - FLEX190


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Flex190 is a great underwear for those who think that the most important feature is a great ability to move under the drysuit, without any limits and also the highest quality, interesting design. Perfect in dives in waters from 7 to 14°C.

With the revolutionary, patented insulation Climashield Contur® SANTI offers the most innovative spring/summer diving undersuit ever. It is made from breathable fabrics to provide great flexibility. Modern technology allows four-way stretch of the undersuit.

The 180g/m2 Climashield Contur® consists of three layers – breathable insulation Climashield Contur®, covered with soft Polyester coating from the inside and outside. The top layer is also wind-resistant.


Climashield Contur® - fabric composition with exceptional four-way, patented fibers makes the insulation very durable and long-lasting,
weight 180 g/m˛, warmth: 0,96 CLO,
AquaBan™ technology allows moisture transfer from the body – the undersuit stays dry,
weight: 1,5 kg.

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