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dive undersuit dive undersuit - FLEX190 LADIES FIRST


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Modern, feminine and well-fitting Ladies First Undersuit. Ideal solution for spring/autumn dives, when water temperature is between 7 and 14 °C. Its design, less bulk and lightness will satisfy even the most demanding diver. Flex 190 Ladies First is for women who appreciate the freedom of movement, perfect design and the highest quality.

Thanks to patented three-layer insulation Climashield® Santi is the most innovative undersuit in the world. Made of breathable fabrics which do not absorb moisture and provide excellent flexibility. An undoubted advantage of the upper layer of the warmer is its windproofness, which can be used even during long breaks on the surface.


Climashield Contur® - fabric composition with exceptional four-way, patented fibers makes the insulation very durable and long-lasting,
weight 180 g/m², warmth: 0,96 CLO,
AquaBan™ technology allows moisture transfer from the body,
weight: 1,4 kg.

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