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  • Passenger capacity:

    1,000 unit


Passenger ships can be broadly classified into ferries and cruisers.

Ferries are passenger ships traveling between ports, while cruisers are large passenger ships that can accommodate more than 1,000 passengers and offer residential, ecreation, fitness, leisure and restaurant facilities.

Cruisers are like offshore hotels.

Thus far, SHI has constructed three passenger ships weighing 28,000 tons for Minoan (Greece), and three 35,000-ton high-speed passenger ships for Norfolk (Netherlands).

It also won an order from Stena (Sweden) for two 31,000-ton passenger ships.

SHI is also leading green technology research by developing green passenger ships that reduce NOx and SO emissions by more than 90%, in 2009, by using LNG as fuel for the first time in Korea.