ship ships helideck lighting / emergency / waterproof



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Other characteristics:

    emergency, waterproof


Safety lighting
nf aeas
For environmental lighting
Maintained and non-maintained
Compliant with the standards: EN 60 598-1, EN 60598-2-22, NFC 71-802
LCIE Licence No.: 08157 et 08158
Increased mechanical resistance
Easy to clean
Limited dirt accumulation
360° orientation
Impervious (ip68)
Absolute imperviousness
No internal dust accumulation
Maximum light output
Adapted for pressure cleaning
High resistance to corrosion and external aggression.
Robustness of the housing, quality of the materials and components: long-term investment
• Ø70 mm crystal quality polycarbonate diffuser
• End caps 1/2 ring press-formed in 304L stainless steel (316L also available)
• Gaskets moulded in EPDM
• Cable entry with nickel-coated brass cable gland for cable Ø 5 - 12 mm
Gear tray
• White powder coated steel sheet gear tray
• Hot cathode electronic gear (EEI A2)
• Internal wiring with silicon isolation braided with glass fibre
• Provided with 3000K or 4000K mounted lamp
• Intensive reflector in mirror finish aluminium
Installation – maintenance
• Connection to 3x2.5 mm² disconnectable terminal block
• Installation with 2 bolt-fitted stainless steel straps with variable centre distance and allowing 360° orientation (available in a reinforced model and/or with HSHC closure screw
• Maintenance by removal of the end cap