hydro-jet inflatable boat / rigid / center console



  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck layout:

    center console

  • Length:

    3.26 m (10'08")


What type of boat does a Ferrari owner sail? Perhaps a big yacht, or maybe a large, fast motorboat. Both craft express luxury and offer thrills, but not enough to enjoy the sea and all its wonders. To get to shore when the boat is at anchor, or discover a small deserted bay where you can enjoy unspoilt nature, you need a tender.
These three big names have come together to produce the most exciting tender in the world, the “Sacs-Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari”, unique for its style and performance, produced in a limited of only 199 models, in a choice of colours including Corsa Red, Modena Yellow, Abu Dhabi Blue and Titanio Grey, just like the Abarth car. It is so small and aggressive that it could be called a sea kart, capable of doing over 40 knots and touring as a jet ski.
The “Sacs Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari” is powered by a hydrojet engine that ensures the maximum possible safety, since the propeller is in a protected tunnel inside the tender’s hull. The tubes are removable, making them easy to replace when they are worn or damaged, just like the tyres on a car.
Abarth’s style has been beautifully reproduced by Sacs and, once again, it is the details that make the difference.