inboard inflatable boat / rigid / center console / 16-person max.



  • Motor type:


  • Hull type:


  • Deck layout:

    center console

  • Number of places:

    16-person max.

  • Deck features:

    sundeck, teak deck

  • Length:

    8.32 m, 8.43 m (27'03")


A stylish product that combines elegance,performance and flexible use: the distinguishing features of SACS’s ribs with priority on safety, as always. A maxi-tender resized and revised that is so well designed and high-end
that it would fit well in any large luxury yacht;it also fits the needs of any familythat values style and elegance. Assigning the project to Christian Grande was SACS Marine’s idea and it led to further development in the RIB concept, just as it happened for the famous Lancia-di-Lancia. The Parma based designer is once again successful in combining automotive shapes and styles – in this case those of the British
sports cars – and in transferring them to a boat with sober tones and elegant finishes