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oceanographic survey unmanned surface vehicle / patrol / for environmental measurements / for hydrographic surveys



  • Applications:

    for oceanographic surveys, patrol, for environmental measurements, for hydrographic surveys

  • Guidance:


  • Type:

    mini catamaran


Nautics is a Plug-and Play, radio controlled water borne surface vessel whose standard payload includes side imaging sonar, downward looking 360 degree sonar,GPS, along with a forward looking real-time driver seat view of your surroundings.
The Nautics can be operated at a safe line of site distance of 1 mile ( this distance can be tripled on request) from shore, and is ideal for search and recovery, exploration and in-situ science applications. Nautics can also be customized to carry various payloads such as winch operated sondes or other specialty sensors,instruments or cargo's. This particular vessel represents an off the shelf, economical and safer alternative to water surface operations historically requiring human presence.
And fully lit-up and loaded with navigation lights,beacon and search light for those inevitable night launches. Also, Surface Down ,need be, will also alter the general size and footprint of the Nautics to accommodate a rougher water surface environment.