Magnus effect stabilizer / for boats / for yachts / retractable



  • Application domain:

    for boats, for yachts

  • Other characteristics:

    retractable, Magnus effect


The Magnus stabilizers from RotorSwing is the best yacht stabilizer if you are looking for yacht stabilization while cruising at 14 knots or lower. The retractability and RAKE function makes this Magnus stabilizer unsurpassed.

The RotorSwing Magnus yacht stabilizer has been developed by RotorSwing Marine, and is based on the Magnus effect.

In early 2017, we have improved the RotorSwing Zerospeed with a longer arm and increased power on the motors. You will now be able to see up to 95 percent roll damping while cruising and at anchor. For those who only need stabilization while cruising, we still carry the cost effective Underway version.

Many yacht owners are looking for an affordable yacht stabilizer that is both retractable and efficient during lower cruising speeds. The RotorSwing Magnus also offers a so called RAKE function whereby the Rotors are being set at an angle to limit drag. With less drag, we see lower fuel consumption! The RotorSwing Magnus yacht stabilizer is fully retractable. The Rotors automatically retract while idling or while going astern. Another safety feature from RotorSwing Marine!

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