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Pro Rider Series

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ski tow rope handle ski tow rope handle - Pro Rider Series


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Pro Rider Bridle (RM-975) | Pro Rider Mainline (RM-976)
‘T’ Bar Bridle With 17” EVA Handle, specially designed and fabricated from Dyneema (Spectra).
Available in Four Hot colour combos:
- Red, Yellow, Purple or Blue
Bridle and Mainline sold separately:
RM Pro Rider Bridle - # RM-975
RM Pro Rider Mainline - # RM-976

What is Dyneema (spectra)?
Dyneema (spectra) is a super strong polyethylene fiber that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight.
It is up to 15 times stronger than quality steel and up to 40% stronger than aramid fibers, both on weight for weight basis. Dyneema floats on water and is extremely durable and resistant to moisture and UV light.
Pro Rider