video corpo

ship generator set / gas / medium-speed



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Motor type:


  • Options and accessories:


  • Output power:

    Min.: 5,180 kW (7,042.8 hp)

    Max.: 9,500 kW (12,916.4 hp)


The Bergen B35:40 gas engine sets new standard in power and efficiency in the 720/750 rpm class with exceptionally low emissions of NOx, CO2, SOx and particulates. The engine platform offers 432-450 kW per cylinder in a robust and well-proven design.

In-line engines are offered in 9 cylinder configuration with a power of 3,940 kW and Vee engines are offered in 12 and 20 cylinder configuration spanning a power range from 5,472 kW to 9,500 kW.