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ship pod drive / azimuth / electric



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    for ships

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Mermaid pods offer flexibility in vessel design and machinery layout. They combine the functions of a propulsion motor, main propeller, rudder and stern thruster in a single unit. The integrated electric motor drives the shaft, saving space on board and eliminates the need for a gearbox. The propeller is a fixed pitch high skew design for low noise and vibration. It can be supplied as a monobloc or with separately bolted blades, that can be simply changed in the event of damage. All seals are environmentally friendly, with no oil release in the event of a failure.

Key Features
Powers from 5 to 27MW
Synchronous motor with brushless excitation, or induction motor
Excellent manoeuvring capability
Flexible machinery arrangement with simpler machinery installation
High efficiency with low noise and vibration
Environmentally friendly sealing arrangement
Remote controlled brake and locking unit
Pulling azimuth unit for maximum propulsive efficiency.