video corpo

ship propulsion system / diesel-electric hybrid / electrically-powered
SAVe Cube



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Other characteristics:

    diesel-electric hybrid, electrically-powered


The latest generation system designed with a single integrated drive switchboard for the whole vessel. All frequency convertors, drives and switchboards are housed in a single cabinet for a significantly smaller footprint. A single cabinet is simpler to cool and has fewer connections. It is therefore much easier to install, many more connection terminations are done at the factory. Additional battery power is available for slow speed transits in harbour or for peak power load smoothing. All engines can operate at variable speeds to maximise their efficiency for the required power. Engine speed will automatically be adjusted to the power being demanded in the most fuel efficient way. This system is ideal for Platform supply, multi-purpose, emergency response/rescue, coastguard and research vessels