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    protective cover

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Robship Premium Turnbuckle Covers
Turnbuckle covers are almost an essential part of any boat gear.
On the shroud turnbuckles, they protect your shin and skin, ropes and sheets from snagging on the turnbuckles and their cotter pins.
Up forward they stop your sails from catching and tearing.
Made from Sauleda Sea Star marine grade acrylic, GoreTex Tenara thread, heavy duty Velcro and stainless steel snaps these covers will last!
Two sizes 36 cm (14.17 inches) and 52 cm (20.47 inches).
Length 36cm (14.17in) / Width 6cm (2.36in) / Height 6cm (2.63in)
Length 52cm (20.47in) / Width 6cm (2.36in) / Height 6cm (2.63in)
Salueda Sea Star long lasting UV and colour fast acrylic fabric.
Goretex Tenara thread for the ultimate in UV and rot resistance.
Secure Velcro attachment.
Stainless Steel Snaps.
Velcro lanyard at the bottom to stop the cover "riding" up the turnbuckle