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racing canoe / flatwater / river running / 2-person

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racing canoe / flatwater / river running / 2-person racing canoe / flatwater / river running / 2-person - Kenu


  • Intended use:

    racing, flatwater, river running

  • Number of places:



Type of the boat:
downriver canoe C2
Marc Guillard
For athletes:
all age and weight categories
For the type of river:
all types of terrains, from flatwater to big rapids
Stars on the boat:
Maik Schmitz - Nils Knippling
Roman Mornstejn - Petr Vesely
Ján Šutek - Štefan Grega

The boat of French designers, which has quick response to both a stroke to the boat and a stroke from the boat. It is working its way through waves easy and fast like a hot knife through butter.

KENU keeps balance very good and so a paddler can't use his power to balance of the boat and he can concentrate his effort to moving forward. KENU has a new aggressive modern design compared to SHIRO, it has lesser robustness around paddlers and so competitors are able to move easier with paddles and their bodies.