outboard small boat / center console / sport-fishing
WOR 600



  • Motor type:


  • Deck layout:

    center console

  • Intended use:


  • Length:

    6 m (19'08")


Fishing boat WOR 600 is a special boat intended for sport fishing, and also for rescue purposes. At its construction the main emphasis was placed on an extreme stability, safety, and a large free space on the watercraft. Requirements for the watercraft construction have been reviewed also by LM Waller - an expert in extreme catfish catching, and an official tester of Sänger company for catfish program.
A large free surface of the boat provides enough space for crew, equipment, and free movement to cope with even the greatest fish. A great advantage of the free space is the variability for equipment arrangement (deck-chairs, chairs, load), and therefore also the possibility of fishing from any direction.

The safety of the boat is guaranteed by strong laminated sheathing with integrated reinforcement. Sandwich structure of the bottom, filled with polyurethane foam, secures its unsinkability. Also in case of full flooding with water (perforation), 1750 dm3 internal volume of the chamber shall secure that the boat in addition to its dead-weight (including motor) shall carry on water more than 800 kg. An extreme stability of the boat is provided by its large width - up to 2,5 m , and a flat shape of the bottom. The boat has also an excellent directional stability, and an effective steering even at high speeds.

Also at a speed of 80 km/h we have achieved during test drive the boat behaves very gently , and it reacts to steering very flexibly.