ship receiver / man-overboard alarm systems
RT-202 CrewFinder



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Function:

    man-overboard alarm systems


Like the RT-100 emergency receiver, the RT-202 CrewFinder MOB direction finder system monitors the international emergency frequency 121.500 MHz and triggers an alarm in the event a distress signal is received. At the same time, the direction of the transmitter is determined and shown on an LED dot display.

All of our SAR products feature a selective squelch function that only triggers an alarm if a distress signalis actually identified. This eliminates false alarms due to radio frequency interference or other radio signals. When the selective squelch function is deactivated, any radio signal can be received regardless of its modulation.

The RT-202 also features a second operating frequency (121.650 MHz) for training and testing purposes.

In the event of a man overboard situation, the individual in distress can be found quickly and easily. No matter how adverse the visibility and weather conditions (darkness, fog, precipitation, waves...), the CrewFinder never loses "sight" of the person in the water.