rotary-knife cutting machine / pneumatic / textile / shipyard

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rotary-knife cutting machine / pneumatic / textile / shipyard rotary-knife cutting machine / pneumatic / textile / shipyard - FP503MT


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The new hand held cutting tool model FP503MT has been designed for the trimming edges cutting. The new foot has a slim shape with a welded carbide counterblade, that is to reduce the overall dimensions. This cutting tool is thus applied to trim with very high precision material having straight or curved edges. It is mainly used for trimming textile and leather within the furniture field and it is especially suitable for trimming away the over material in the molds for carbon fiber and glass fiber. The air compressed motor is wholly made by Rasor. Thanks to the latest generation mechanical and pneumatic components, the excellent turbine reaches a power of 350W at 22,000 RPM and a high torque. The motor diameter is now of only 40mm that is the smallets within its cathegory. The rotor blades are made of VANESTAR material which reduce to the minimun the weigth and he friction. The maximun cutting thickness is of 9mm and the sharpening stone allows the sharpening of the knife edge to be done in less than 10 seconds without removing the knife. It is truly a novel concentration of power and lightness (it weights only780 grams) in the field of professional cutting tools.