passenger boat / catamaran / inboard / for people with reduced mobility
RC12 (39') Commercial



  • Type:

    passenger boat

  • Number of hulls:


  • Motor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    for people with reduced mobility

  • Length:

    12 m (39'04")


The RC12 has been designed for tourism, resorts and is the perfect water taxi commuter vessel.

Designed by Albert Marine Design, this cat represents the further development of their European Product Design Gold Award winning 10m water taxi.

The priority was to design an affordable, light, airy and spacious boat that is safe, comfortable, practical and easy to maintain.

The RC12 is highly efficient and offers environmentally friendly, optional, hybrid or electric propulsion with solar energy. Respecting the environment, the RC12 only leaves a small wake and makes minimal noise.

The RC12's design ensures passengers enjoy a very comfortable stable motion at speeds of up to 15-20kts (depending on the propulsion system selected).

The RC12 is at home operating in the choppy conditions of estuaries, harbors and major rivers where there is a lot of traffic. In addition, the vessel is highly maneuverable in tight areas due to wide separation of the propulsion units.

Passengers who need to board using a wheelchair are also catered for. There are designated wheelchair zones on the RC12 with adjacent seats for accompanying persons.

Safety is paramount and the boat complies to ISO Small Craft Standards for Category C and can be built to specific National regulations as required.

The structure is composite sandwich with carbon reinforcements.