boat radio / VHF / with AIS receiver

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boat radio / VHF / with AIS receiver boat radio / VHF / with AIS receiver - RO4800


  • Application domain:

    for boats

  • Network:


  • Function:

    with AIS receiver


AIS security being more than relevant today, the VHF RO4800 brings all features needed in one unit. Perfect for small boats, easy to install and to connect (one single antenna), it can be flush mount to integrate the cockpit perfectly.

Besides proposing the DSC function to the general public, the RO4800 is equipped with an AIS receiver increasing safety on board. A single antenna is necessary for the VHF and AIS functions. The standard NMEA output allows to connect the VHF directly to a plotter or a PC and so to see ships positions directly on the cartography.

The RO4800 with its elegant design combine with a large LCD display and an alphanumeric keyboard spares the need to make disentangle address and phone numbers, they can just be register directly.

With a long press on the channel button, the display can switch from VHF to AIS screen (type radar and text) without neither complicated nor complex programming or manipulations

Completed with the P4800, this loudspeaker can be used as secondary VHF as well as an Intercom handset and a remote control to the RO4800. The possibility of communicating up to 200m is credited to this Intercom function which allows private communications network (useful when somebody uses the dinghy or goes on the mast).

The RO4800 includes the aim functions that are needed on boat on a SINGLE unit:
- VHF function
- DSC function (Digital Selective Calling)
- AIS receiver function
- A single antenna necessary for the VHF and AIS functions
- Direct connection of the VHF to a plotter or a PC