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Moving Propeller Alert

The ideal proactive safety choice to notify swimmers that a propeller is in motion!

EMEA Marine Power Group has expanded its offering of the highly visible MP Alert safety system, which provides additional notice to swimmers when the engine is running and the propeller is in motion.
This system uses LED lights on the stern of the boat to alert swimmers that the propeller is moving. Customers can now buy either the original 4-inch round-light package or the new oval-shaped light (2 ½ x 3 ½ inches) package, which is ideal for swim platforms or smaller mounting surfaces. Either light will work for your boat as the system is designed to handle all combinations of the two lights.
Beginning in June 2013, the MP Alert became compatible with most boat and non-Mercury engine packages.
An optional dash-mounted switch is available (included in the non-Mercury engine kits) that allows you to control when the system is operating. When the switch is turned off, the red LED light will be lit reminding you that the system is deactivated.
The switch allows you to turn it on when swimmers are in the water and off when you are fishing or cruising.
Warning light system is clearly visible to swimmers, skiers, or any watercraft approaching the rear of the boat.