halyard shackle for sailboats / stainless steel / forged / flat
MX6 / MX8 / MX10



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    stainless steel, forged, flat


MX: halyard shackle by Wichard
General description

MX is a High Resistance halyard shackle fully forged in 17/4 PH stainless steel to take on high loads. MX has been specifically designed to replace terminals on flying sails furlers (i.e halyard block) by providing an outstanding strength / weight ratio and to reduce compression on masts. When luff tension is needed, it can be used:

to replace the halyard block on top swivel
to replace the lower terminal on spool (i.e snap shackle)

Oustanding strength / weight ratio:
Fully forged in High Resistance stainless steel, MX offers one of the best strength / weight ratios on the market. Compared to standard blocks and for the same line diameter, MX offers much higher working and breaking loads as well as optimised dimensions and weight.

A unique design:
Thanks to its unique design, MX can excellently distribute the stresses. Its particular shape avoid undue and excessive rope wear.

Easy to install:
MX requires no specific lashing knowledge. Its installation is as easy as installing a shackle, thanks to its Wichard slef-locking pin.

Reliable and maintenance free:
MX does not include any mechanical parts (i.e: sheave) which can potentially break. Moreover, it does not require any particular maintenance.

3 models are available: MX6, MX8, MX10
For NEX 0.9 and NEX 1.5: MX6 (option)
For NEX 2.5: MX8 (included)
For NEX 5.0: MX10 (included)