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floating walkway floating walkway


Like Aluminum dock system features

Private Dock consisted of four main parts:
Aluminum structure; PE floating box; Deck; Fender.

It is widely applied to various floating structures like marina, private berth, competition floating bridge and lakeside floating bridge. And it is a new generation product of environmental floating bridge.

The aluminum alloy frame Made of 6061 T6 marine grade aluminum profiles welded by MIG welding process, which is strong, salt fog resistant and has a long service life

The floating box is made of LLHDPE and one-time shaped by rotational molding technology, without any gap; filled with 15kg/m3 polystyrene foam, black color, average thickness is above 5mm. It has the resistant features of sunshine, seawater, wave, petroleum corrosion and aging.

The deck abandoned the defects of natural wood like: cracking, warping and color difference, etc., so periodic maintenance is unnecessary.

It has a long lifespan and has good resistant features of fire, water, corrosion, insect, fungus, acid & alkaline, free of hazardous and pollution.

The Fender Installed on the both sides of the floating dock. Sand yellow, gray, black and white color which seldom has color fading. Protect hulls from impacts. Corner fender will be installed at the end of each finger to protect hulls, from impacts. Same color as side fender, PE material.

The special point for private dock is we accept customized private dock service.

From engineering like : measurement booking ,plan design , effect displaying ,material confirming to audit&order, producing &inspection, shipment booking, installation & acceptance and aftersales.