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ship watermaker / reverse osmosis / compact
PASxxx-S/T series



  • Application domain:

    for ships

  • Type:

    reverse osmosis

  • Other characteristics:



Adaptable Serie RO unit are specially designed for its instalation in the nautical sector.

Its unique and compact design allows to have multiple settings to adapt the unit to the availablespace onboard. The system is a semiautomatic operation and also comes standard with 5,7" touch and clor screen in order to control the operating parameters of the unit. To enhance the versatility, we have designed also a remobable screen which allows to place it in the proper place for its operation.

The unit can be instaled with a second touch screen with ethernet wire or be operated in remote with a tablet or smatphone by wireless connection.

Production range goes from 70 l/h to 280 l/h to eet the needs for any boat and ensure the best confort onboard with the best quality potable water.