polyurethane adhesive / multi-use
PSI 952 / FLEX 1000



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Environmentally-friendly Flexiprene PSI-952 is a moisture-curing polyurethane joint sealant capable of compensating for movement of ±25% for sealing horizontal joints of dissimilar porosities, surface textures and coefficients of expansion. It cures to a flexible rubber capable of supporting foot traffic and light, vehicular traffic.

Flexiprene PSI-952 has excellent adhesion to most common firm and uncontaminated materials.

Environmentally-friendly Flexiprene 1000 is exceptionally smooth gunning and tools easily. It cures rapidly to a durable, flexible weatherproof seal.

Flexiprene 1000 adheres well to most common substrates such as masonry, concrete, glass and aluminum; it shows excellent adhesion to most types of plastic. Flexiprene 1000 is not intended for structural applications.

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