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The Polyform Modular Fendering System consists of fender modules, mounting hardware and fixing profiles. PMF is intended as fendering between a boat and the dock, and can also be used in other fendering applications. The modules are developed for use in a system in which one or more modules are mounted to a mounting profile.

The key feature to the fendering modules is the capacity to absorb a repeated energy without permanent deformation. Fender modules, with integrated fixing

points, are designed to be fastened to a profile on a ship or a quay by means of mounting parts. Fixing profiles can be manufactured in steel, aluminum or plastic resin, and are bolted, welded, bonded, or integrated to a ship or a pier.

The system profile may be in continuous lengths, in sections, or intermittently.
The cross section of the fixing profile serves as guidance during the assembly of the elements to the boat.Design, size, and absorbing capacity of the modules are adapted to the fendering required.

Modules with different characteristics may be used in the same system, such as customized zones with higher load.

Along with the mounting hardware, modules are designed for easy mounting and dismounting to the fixing profile.
The back side of the modules is designed to guide the fenders while mounting, and seal off the top and bottom edge to prevent intrusion of dirt.