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New Generation Wave Pool systems are engineered for of operation and maintenance, safety and of course lots of fun. We generate waves that will ensure hours of fun and laughter for your guests by turning the pool into an ocean for swimmers.

The wild swimming time
The source of joy water sunbathing
Interactive adventure
Wide wave variety
A real “beach day”
Feels like an ocean
Inspired by nature

Nowadays, pools are not only for swimming. They are now the source of joy with different kinds of activities. Wave pool becomes a must feature in every aqua park, designed in accordance with the theme of the park and guest profile is a guarantee for success.

An example new generation wave pool is 12 meters width and 25 meters long has 4 air chambers producing different variation of waves in terms of height and its type. For instance if air is given from all chambers the pool produces 80 cm smooth waves, whereas if the system is programmed for random or periodical action of pneumatic valves, it produces waves of different sizes from 80 to 110 cm.

New wave generator solutions are developed by the Research & Development Department team and are implemented successfully, being wave pool producer, more than 500 succesful projects worldwide with a large geography of references. Taking into consideration that customer satisfaction is crucial, we develop solutions which are absolutely economical by means of both fixed cost and efficiency.

New generation wave pneumatic valves system delivers air to the air chamber by fully automatic PLC control unit, thus creating the pressure on the water surface. Utilization of this system requires less energy than in similar systems.