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stand-up paddle board/windsurf jacket / navigation / thermal / neoprene
hoodie – black



  • Intended use:

    navigation, stand-up paddle board/windsurf

  • Technical characteristics:


  • Material:


  • Cut:

    hooded, long-sleeve


This neoprene jacket is perfect for all kite traction activities. Whether you wear it over your fleece on the land or over your wetsuit when kitesurfing, this jacket will give you extra protection against the elements! It is perfect for before/after sessions of surfing, boating, fishing, sailing, kiteboarding, or any other water activity. Also perfect as a windbreaker during contests or events, driving, biking etc.

Harness is designed to go either under or over the jacket. The front of the jacket has a reinforced hole for the harness hook to go through.