yacht davit / hydraulic / 5-axis articulated



  • Application domain:

    for yachts

  • Operation:


  • Type:

    5-axis articulated

  • Lifting capacity:

    500 kg, 800 kg (1,102 lb)


ART. 40GRA ANACONDA DAVIT-ROBOT (Automatic davit with programable path for high loads). Davit completely built in varnished stainless steel provided with hydraulic movements of 1st jib rotation, 2nd jib rotation, 2nd jib up/down, telescopic 2nd jib, hook raising. The davit is projected to allow the haulage and launching of a tender from the garage or from the stern platform. Thanks to an accurate measuring and to acareful arrangement of the various components it creates the least encumbrance, when it is set in a completely closed position and at the same time it is free to do all the movements in phases of haulage and launcing. Adopting an innovating electronic control system it allows to program the optimum path for the haulage and launching of more tenders, reducing at the least the manual operations of the operator. For its compactness and its remarkable extension of the movements it can be considered an important and revolutionary component for the automation board. Please contact our Technical Office to customize some details.